Travel Chic by Loren J.

Where Beauty and Travel Meet Chic!

Welcome to my online fashion boutique for travel-inspired natural gemstone jewelry.  Let Travel Chic by Loren J. embody your travel memoir!



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(Natural Gemstones: Onyx and Hematite)


This piece states one thing: I’m a Travel Boss!  This seamless 100% natural smooth jet black Onyx and Hematite stone bracelet is adorned with a gold/silver compass.  This unisex bracelet represents the seasoned traveler seeking the perfect staple piece to exemplify their universal charm, style, and distinction!  Note: This is a member of the Travel Chic by Loren J. Nautical Collection.

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(Natural Gemstones: Agate, Amazonite, and Citrine)


Chi-Town is a beautifully polished 100% natural orange Agate, matte Amazonite, and crystalized Citrine gemstone bracelet.  The city of Chicago is one of the nation’s most traveled destinations. This sophisticated, yet casual, city staple charm bracelet is the perfect piece to strike conversation about your favorite past times strolling along the Navy Pier and taking in wonderful shopping along The Magnificent Mile.

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Ooh, Paris!

(Natural Gemstone: Citrine)


Visiting the City of Lights is on every Travel Divas bucket list.  Visiting the City of Lights is on every Travel Diva’s bucket list.  Ooh, Paris! consists of 100% natural crystalized citrine gemstones paired with matte light blue glass beading.  This piece is adorned with a trendy gold Eiffel Tower, a post-marked post card, and a glitzy silver cubic zirconia drop stone charms.  Ooh, Paris! is beautifully hand-crafted to represent your past and future Parisian memories!

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Hollywood Glam

(Natural Gemstone: Amethyst)


Hollywood Glam is a beautiful 100% natural purple Amethyst gemstone bracelet adorned with round shimmering gold beading and a glitzy pearl gold-plated flash camera charm.  This piece is true representation of the city of Lights, Camera, Action!  Hollywood Glam is to be worn by the most confident and glamorous Travel Diva!  This piece is sure to wow and strike conversation about your Hollywood adventures, while adding just the right amount of glitz!

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Sail Away!

(Natural Gemstone: Light Jade)


Sail Away! is the epitome of class!  This translucent 100% natural light green Jade gemstone bracelet is adorned with gold embossed beading and a trendy gold anchor, a sailboat wheel, and a teal/gold trimmed life buoy.  This piece compliments the perfect nautical attire, whether you are out sailing or taking it easy along the shore.  Note: This is a member of the Travel Chic by Loren J. Nautical Collection.

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All Travel Chic by Loren J. bracelets are quality assured and manufactured by Free To Be Beads using 100% natural gemstones.  All bracelets are securely sealed on professional grade stretch string and personalized with Travel Chic pendants.